Friday, October 27, 2006

Scout Meeting Outline for 28 Oct 2006

Dear all,

the meeting outline is attached for your reference.

be reminded that the Healthy Lifestyle Course assignments are due on the 28 Oct 2006.

no further extension will be allowed for the assignments.

Group Scout Leader

Monday, October 23, 2006

Scout Programme for Oct to Dec 2006

Dear all,

Scout meetings will resume from this Sat, 28 Oct 2006. Followings are the tentative meeting dates to remember.

28 Oct, Sat - Normal Scout Meeting
The Deadline for Healthy Lifestyle Course Assignments is 28 Oct.

31 Oct, Tues - First Class Hike Test

03 Nov, Fri - CCA Exploration Test briefing @ HQ 7pm.
(for sec 3s taking the test only)

04 Nov, Sat - Normal Scout Meeting / Healthy Lifestyle Course written test
11 Nov, Sat - Normal Scout Meeting
14 to 17 Nov - VS LTC
18 Nov, Sat - VS Open House (Normal Scout Meeting)
20 to 25 Nov - China Exchange Programme
25 Nov, Sat - Normal Scout Meeting

02 Dec, Sat - Outdoor Meeting
07-08 Dec - CCA Exploration Test
09 Dec, Sat - Normal Scout Meeting

11 to 14 Dec (Mon to Thurs) Group Camp
16 Dec, Sat - NO MEETING
23 Dec, Sat - Normal Scout Meeting
30 Dec, Sat - Group Gathering*

* tentative date

Courses (Dates are not available yet)
1. One Star Kayaking Course
2. Adult First Aid Course (3 Days Course for sec 2s and above)

1. The National Scoutcraft & Pioneering Competition scheduled originally for Dec 2006 has been postponed to Feb/Mar 2007.
2. Attendance for Oct to Dec 2006 Scout Meetings and Activities are counted for Term 4 particpation. You can still fail the PARTICIPATION components if you choose to ignore the attendance for Oct to Dec.

3. All Scouts are expected to complete their respective Progress Badges before 30 Dec 2006.

Group Scout Leader

Saturday, October 21, 2006

World Scout Jamboree on the Internet (JOTI) 2006

Dear all,

if you are interested to participate or learn about JOTI, feel free to check out the below link.
World Scout Jamboree on the Internet

Group Scout Leader

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Healthy Lifestyle Assignments and Test

Dear all,

the deadline for submitting the 5 ASSIGNMENTS for the Healthy Lifestyle Proficiency Badge is 28 October 2006, Sat. @ 8am.

all assignments must be be typed written and presented in a clear folder file neatly.

ONLY those who submit their assignments on time will be allowed to take the written test on the 4th Nov 2006, Sat @ 1.30pm.

You are strongly advised to start on the assignments immediately after your exams.

Group Scout Leader