Friday, April 07, 2017

Scout Meeting on 8 April 2017

Dear all,

Please refer to the programme for 8 April 2017.

We will be having the Pulau Ubin Cycling trip this Saturday. All scouts are required to report to the Changi Point Ferry Terminal by 8.20 am. Reporting attire for Sec 1s, 2s and 3s is Red PT Kit with PE pants. Reporting attire for Sec 4s is Black PT with PE pants. Any comfortable sports shoes are allowed.

Scouts are required to bring the following:
-$3 x2 (Exactly 2 sets of $3, for jetty ride there and back)
-Lunch (Lunch will NOT be provided and there will be no place for you to purchase your lunch)
-Sunblock and Mosquito Repellant
-1.5L water bottle (IMPORTANT)
-Personal bicycle protective gear such as a helmet or knee pads etc. If you own any you are allowed to bring it (Optional)
-Poncho, cheap plastic one will do but army poncho is preferred.
-3 blank sheets of paper, a clipboard and stationary (Sec 3 PLs only)

All items should be carried in a backpack, not a sling bag, thin drawstring bag or such.

Dismissal will be latest 6.00-6.30 pm from the Changi Village Terminal.