Thursday, November 15, 2012

Scout Meeting on 17 Nov 2012

Dear all,

there will be Scout Meeting this Sat.
Attire - White Roundneck Tee with VS PE Shorts.
Bring extra PE attire for change.

Since 10 sec 1s will be reporting straight for 1 Star Kayaking, this week meeting will focus on Progress Badge Scheme ONLY.
The respective Testmasters will advise accordingly.

Programme Outline
Duty PL -  Linus Wong (Stevenson)

8am -       Fall in / Attendance  (No need for Flag Break this week)
815am-    PT
915am -   Games
10am -     Break
1015am - Progress Badge Scheme
1215pm -      Scouter's Minute
1230pm -  Dismissal

** PLC for Dec Camp planning 130pm to 3pm.

Reminders -
  1. Water Conservation Course is confirmed on 20 Nov (more details during Scouter's Minutes)
  2. VS Open House preparation (sec 3 & selected sec 2s only) on 23 Nov
  3. VS Open House on 24 Nov

Friday, November 09, 2012

Scout Meeting on the 10 Nov 12

Dear all,

meeting outline for this Sat Scout Meeting.

Attire - Scout Pants with Polo Tee
Bring PT Attire - White Activity Tee with Sch PE Shorts

Prepare well for your respective Progress Badge Test.


Friday, November 02, 2012

No Scout Meeting on the 3 Nov 2012

Dear all,

there will be no scout meeting this Sat, 3 Nov 2012. The sec 2s and 3s are having their Standard First Aid Course (3rd Day) tmr.

The next Scout Meeting will be on the 10 Nov 2012.

Be reminded that the 1 Star Kayaking Course for the 10 sec 1s is on the 17 to 18 Nov.