Friday, February 23, 2007

P Ubin Cycling Outdoor Meeting (24 Feb 07)

Dear all,

pls refer to the programme outline for tomorrow P Ubin Cycling outdoor meeting. you are advised to look at the "Important Notes" section for important instructions!

See you all at Changi Village Food Centre @ 8.15am!

Pls do not be late.

Group Scout Leader

Results of Admission Test 2

Dear Sec 1s and 2s Scout Recruits,

Click here to see the latest results of Admission Test

The List of Scouts who passed the Promise & Law BUT Failed the Scout Badge and Salute.
Anand, Eugene, Zen
Chan An, Gerard, Herman Chong

* you just need to retake the Scout Badge and Salute before next Friday.

A verbal retest will be done for the following this Sat (24 Feb)
1. Nicholas Poh on Q7 "Occasions where Scout Salute are given"
2. Ivan Wee and Zhi Yuan on Q6 "Explain the significance (meaning) of the Scout Salute"

L. Ramasamy failed both Promise & Law and the Scout Badge and Salute. You need to retake the whole test before next Friday.

The following did not take the test and must complete the written Test before next Friday.
Zhong Wei, Timothy and Fawwaz

Group Scout Leader

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

22 Feb 2007 - Founder's Day (World Scout Day)

Dear all,

22 Feb of every year, we celebrate Founder's Day / World Scout Day.

Tomorrow all Scouts except the new sec 1s and 2s recruits will wear Scout Uniform to School.

Contact your respective Patrol Leaders if you are not clear with instructions for tomorrow.

Group Scout Leader

Consent forms for P Ubin Cycling and Investiture Night 2007

Dear all,

pls download and print the 2 Consent forms for the 2 said activities. Get your parents to endorse on the 2 activities consent forms and return them to Derrick Fun by 23 Feb, Friday 1.30pm.

For P Ubin Cycling (24 Feb)
Click here for P Ubin Cycling Consent Form

For Investiture Night 2007 (3 Mar)
Click here for Investiture Night 2007 Consent Form

Group Scout Leader

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Gong Xi Fa Cai

Dear all,

wishing you a prosperous Lunar New Year! Gong Xi Fa Cai!
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There will be no Scout Meeting this coming Sat (17 Feb 07). The next Scout Meeting on the 24 Feb 07 is an outdoor meeting @ P Ubin (from 8am to 6pm). Look out for details and consent form after Chinese New Year.

Sec 1s & 2s recruits, your remaining tests will be held on the 23 Feb after school hours.

Group Scout Leader

Sunday, February 11, 2007

7th NSPC Roll of Honour

Dear all,

Our Scouts have put up a superb performance in the 7th National Scoutcraft & Pioneering Competition. Congratulations to all the participants for the excellent efforts in bringing honours to the Scout Group.

Roll of Honour

a. 321 Flag Pole (1st Position)
- Adriel, Sean, Janus, Bryan and Kah Fong

b. Pioneering Skills (2nd Position)
- Xurong, Shervin, Changda, James, Fabian, Xiu Qi, Terence, Shu Liang, Nicholas Ho

c. SourGrapes (2nd Position)
- Alif, Derrick, Yong Yi, Amsyar, Amzar, Zhi Cong, Gordan, Wee Loong, Wei An, Nicholas Poh

d. Blindfold Tentage (3rd Position)
- Ziyad, Kun Hao, Andre, Jacky, Chan An, Zen, Donavon, Kin Tuck.

e. Chariot Race (8th Position)
- Geng Hao, Joel, Guo Qiang, Yu Hui

f. Roman Cannon Ball
- Jordan, Kevin, Hadi, Avester

g. Logging
- Jianxu, Wai Yong, Herman, Calten

Let us not forget to thank all the trainers involved in preparing the various teams. The main trainers were Gregory, Javier, Eng Wei, Kesheng and SL.

Lastly, to those who have supported the Group in one way or another, thank you!

Group Scout Leader

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Important Annoucements for this Sat National Scoutcraft & Pioneering Competition

Dear all,

Please refer to the various Event Heats schedule and important time to adhere to for this Sat competition.
Click here for Schedule for this Sat NSPC

For this Sat, ALL SCOUTS (sec 1 to 4) are to fall in by 7.30am in School PT attire. Bring along your respective attires for the various events as per instructions in the above file link.

The competition will only end at around 6.30pm. All Scouts will be dismissed from Victoria School after Logistics matters are settled. The earliest dismissal time is at 9pm.

All Parents and Old Boys are welcome to join our Scouts at Bishan Park 2 anytime from 12 noon onwards. Your presence and support will definitely boost the performance of our Scouts! Please refer to the following links for the event list and programme.

Click here for Event List and Schedule
Click here for Programme
Click here for Pioneering Skills Competition

Group Scout Leader

Friday, February 02, 2007

Scout Meeting outline for 3 Feb 2007

Dear all,

refer to the meeting outline for this Sat.

Reminders -
Attire : Full Scout Uniform
Sec 1s and 2s Scout Recruits : you are reminded to prepare well for Admission Test 2.

Group Scout Leader