Wednesday, September 08, 2010

NO Scout Meeting this coming Sat 11/9

Dear all,
there will be NO Scout Meeting this coming Sat 11/9. Have a good rest and remember to complete all your holidays homework. Do start to revise for your SA2 exams.

The last Scout Meeting before SA2 will be the 18 Sep 2010.

* sec 1 & 2 - your visit to the Crime Prevention Exhibition Centre for your Crime Prevention Badge is likely to be next week (during the weekday). I will confirmed the day time soon.

* Sec 3s - don't forget your campfire reflection. Submit only 1 report per TEAM.
Hao Zheng, you need to do one for the Gateway painting TEAM. Use the PLTC OIP method for your reflection.

To all our Muslim Scouts & Ms Reny - Wishing you a blessful Hari Raya!!