Wednesday, November 26, 2008

National Patrol Camp

Dear all,

27/11 NPC Logistics
this Thurs (27/11) is Day 1 of NPC. I would like ALL available sec 1 to 4 Scouts to come down to school on 27/11 to help with the Logistics. You will help to load and unload the logistics needed for the NPC in VS as well as Sarimbun.

Pls be down at 7.30am tomorrow.
Attire - VS PE Attire.
The NPC Patrol needs your support!

NPC Open House
DO NOT FORGET to turn up for the the Open House this Sunday. Fall in at the Den at 12.15pm with lunch taken.
Attire - Group ROUNDNECK tee with VS Shorts.
Dismissal from VS at 10.45pm.

1/12 NPC Logistics
8 sec 3s and sec 2s need to turn up at Sarimbun on 1 Dec (Mon) to help with NPC Logistics. The names will be made known shortly.
Time to report to Sarimbun - 9.30am
Dismissal from VS - 5 pm


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Group Programme (15 Nov to 26 Dec)

Dear all,

here's the latest Scout Programme for your reference.

15 Nov - No Scout Meeting (Only NPC Team and Support Team need to attend training)
21 to 23 Nov - NPC Pre Camp (Only NPC Team and selected Support Team need to attend)
22 Nov - No Scout Meeting
27 Nov to 1 Dec - National Patrol Camp
29 Nov - No Scout Meeting
30 Nov - NPC Open House (All to attend) - Look out for details next week !

6 Dec - Scout Meeting
8 to 9 Dec - First Class Hike Test (sec 3 Scouts and selected sec 1s & 2s companions)
13 Dec - Scout Meeting

15 to 18 Dec - Group Camp
20 Dec - No Scout Meeting
26 Dec - No Scout Meeting

Group Scout Leader