Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Crime Prevention Course Assignments Deadline

Dear Sec 1s,

the deadline for submitting the 2 assignments (Scrap Book and Poster) is this Sat, 3 June, 8am.

All late submission or non-submission will be classified as FAIL.

As a penalty for failing the course, you will pay the $3 course fee and will not recieve any further course subsidy for other courses.

Group Scout Leader

Friday, May 26, 2006

SANA and Civil Defence Courses in June 2006

Dear all,

pls take note of the following courses which you had signed up. Absentees for these courses will not be given subsidy for future courses.

SANA Anti Drug Course
Date - 1 June 2006, Thurs
Time - 8.15am to 6pm

Attire - Ful Scout Uniform
No 2 Sengkang Square #05- 01 Sengkang Community Hub Singapore 545025

Those who signed up for this course must do a pre course on-line registration before next Tues. Go to the below website and submit the form.
SANA Pre Course Registration

List of SANA Course Participants
(Course i/c - Lau Yong Yi HP - 96288872)

1 Ong Zhi Cong
2 Kwok Guan Hui Terence
3 Yu Changda
4 Ho Kai Jie Sean
5 Mak Wai Yong
6 Lau Yong Yi

Civil Defence Course
Date - 2 June 2006, Friday
Time - 8.30am to 2pm

Attire - Ful Scout Uniform (bring a spare T Shirt)
Instruction - Meet Yong Yi at the Yishun Bus Interchange to take Bus 811 at 8.15am. Do not be late.
Civil Defence 3rd Division No. 533, Yishun Industrial Park A # 01-01

List of CD Course Participants
(Course i/c - Lau Yong Yi HP - 96288872)

1 Cheng Kah Fong
2 Heng Jie Kai Jacky
3 Ho Yu Hui
4 Koh Bryan Shyan
5 Kiong Yan Cong Janus
6 Kwok Kin Tuck
7 Lam Qi Koi
8 Lau Seng Teck Avester
9 Lee Wei An
10 Leong Kun Hao
11 Muhammad Hamzah Bin Abdul Rased
12 Ng Wee Loong
13 Phay Wee Chong Jonathan
14 Sim Jun Yi Andre
15 Tay Guo Qiang
16 Yeo Jia Wei Darryl
17 Yong Zhishan Bryan
18 Ziyad Bin Ahmad Bagharib
19 Chong Herman
20 Nishant Senan
21 Wong Hsien Wen James
22 Kwok Guan Hui Terence
23 Liew Qizhi Joel
24 Loo-Carre Zhen Bang Joel Gordan
25 Lau Yong Yi

Group Scout Leader

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Gunung Panti Trek DEADLINE (26 May 06, Fri 1pm)

Dear all,

the final date for submitting the 2 consent forms (SPREO and Arrow Consent Form) is this Friday, 26 May 2006. You are to make payment of $70 together with the 2 forms to Ms Reny before 1pm, Friday, 26 May 2006. We will not entertain any late submission.

Here's the latest updated name list.

1. Kiong Yan Cong Janus
2. Muhammad Hamzah Bin Abdul Rased
3. Sim Jun Yi Andre
4. Yong Zhishan Bryan
5. Ho Kai Jie Sean
6. Liew Qizhi Joel
7. Lim Qing Wei Shervin
8. Lim Shu Liang
9. Loo-Carre Zhen Bang Joel Gordon
10. Muhammed Irsyad bin Mohd Ramthan
11. Ong Zhi Cong
12. Tan Xiu Qi
13. Wong Hsien Wen James
14. Fun Wei Kiat Derrick
15. Ho Ding Jin Nicholas
16. Hong Guang Hao Kevin
17. Ong Shao En Adriel
18. Toh Jianxu
19. Neo Ziyang Jordan

If your name is not in the above list, you can still submit the 2 forms and the $70 if you want to go for the trek.

Group Scout Leader

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Meeting Outline for 27 May 2006

Dear all,

this Saturday is dedicated for Patrols to sell their Donation Draw Tickets to the public. You will go as a Patrol to nearby Housing estates for the sales. I urge all to take this opportunity to complete the 5 or 6 books allocated earlier. This might just be the only Saturday for the Patrol to go out together for the Sales.

Attire : Full Scout Uniform.
Reminder :
  1. Bring along all your DDT books. If you have sold some books (complete books) beforehand, you are advised to submit the money and stub before heading out for the sales.
  2. For ease in admin, I will only collect complete books sold at the end of the day.
  3. If you are unable to make it for the afternoon part of the sales, do let your respective Patrol Leaders know. Return to school not earlier than 1.30pm to submit your money to me.
  4. All sec 2 (except Nishant) and sec 3 Scouts are to attend PLTC briefing this Sat at 8am sharp. Bring along consent form and $25 camp fee.

Group Scout Leader

Monday, May 22, 2006

11th PLTC consent form and Sec 1 Camp

Dear sec 2s** and 3s Scouts,

The 11th PLTC will be a 5 days Camp instead of 6 days. Download the consent form for your parent to sign. All consent forms must be submitted to me this Sat @ 8am. The PLTC is compuslory for all sec 2s** and 3s.

A briefing will be held for all sec 2s** and 3s this Sat at 8am. (before the patrol set off for DDT Sales). A subsidised Camp fees of $25 will be collected this Sat.

** Nishant Senan DO NOT NEED TO ATTEND the PLTC.

11th PLTC Consent Form

Dear sec 1s Scouts,

The sec 1 Camp may be cancelled this year due to adult leaders' resources constraint. However as of today, I am still trying to arrange for this Camp. A decision will be made this Sat with regards to the sec 1s Camp.

Meanwhile, I'm looking for 2 or 3 sec 1s Scouts willing to join us for the PLTC as SERVICE SCOUTS. The duties of the Service Scouts include helping the Camp Staff do groceries purchases, preparing meals for Camp Staff and helping with all logistics matters pertaining to the PLTC. You need not pay camp fee for this purpose. Let me know through email if you are interested by this Friday.

Group Scout Leader

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Meeting Outline for 20 May 2006

Dear all,
be reminded to turn up for Scout Meeting this Sat on the 20 May 2006. Attire is "Full Scout Uniform". Bring a long an extra set of PT attire.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Gunung Panti updates...Parents Session

Dear all,

to accomodate sec 2s Scouts who are attending the VIP tests and Parents who work on Sat, the Parents Session will start 30 minutes later.

Hence, the Parents Session will now start at 1.30pm and end by 2.30pm on 20 May 06.

Kindly please inform your Parents if they are attending the session.

Group Scout Leader

Monday, May 15, 2006

Gunung Panti updates (4)... Itinerary

Dear all,

be reminded that the "Parents Session" is this Sat @1pm. you can refer to the below link for the tentative Itinerary.

Gunung Panti Itinerary

Group Scout Leader

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Upcoming Campfires

Dear all,

pls sign up for the various upcoming campfires.

1. CHIJ (Toa Payoh) 1st Coy Guides
Date - 6 June 2006, Tues
Time - 1930hrs to 2100hrs
All those who are interested, pls give your names to Kee Xurong, PL Livingstone.
Email to Kee Xurong!

[20 Scouts have already sign up, if you still want to attend, Xurong will put you in the reserve list]

2. Anderson Sec Sch Clover Guides
Date - 31 May 2006
All those who are interested, pls give your names to Toh Jianxu, PL Raleigh.
Email to Toh Jianxu!

3. Ngee Ann Sec Sch Wichinta Scouts & Guides
Date - 15 Jul 2006
All those who are interested, pls give your names to Muhd Alif, PL Baden.
Email to Muhd Alif!

Group Scout Leader

Friday, May 12, 2006

Arrow 11th PLTC and sec 1s Camp

Dear all,

the dates for the 11th PLTC and sec 1 Camp have been fixed.

11th PLTC - 7th to 12th June (Weds to Mon)
The Camp is compulsory for all sec 2s and sec 3s Scouts.

Sec 1 Camp - 10th to 12th June (Sat to Mon)
The Camp will be held in P Ubin.

more information will be provided when we meet on the 20th May meeting. look out for the consent forms for the 2 Camps at this blogsite next week.

Group Scout Leader

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Sec 1s Crime Prevention Course assignments

Dear sec 1s,

I have decided to give you more time to submit your 2 assignments. This will be my last extension of deadline. The new deadline will be 3 June, Sat 9am. The assignments are :

1. Scrap book containing 10 newspaper articles on crime.
You are supposed to comment on how this crime could have been prevented (a short paragraph (min 50 words).
The 10 articles should be of the following categories :
a. housebreaking or shop breaking
b. robbery in Lifts/Streets
c. Snatch Theft
d. Motor Vehicle Theft
e. Outrage of Modesty
f. Handphone Theft
g. Cyber Crime or ATM related Crime
h. any articles related to elderly or any person cheated by "magic stone", or "con man".

i. any other crime not listed in the above.

You are allowed a max of 2 articles from the same category. There should be at least 5 original newspaper articles. The rest can be articles from the Internet or Library Archives. ALL articles must be Crimes that happened in Singapore.

You can decorate you Scrap book with phamplets collected from the Crime Prevention Exhibition room.

The Scrap book need not be type written. However, you need to write legibly. Don't forget to include a Content Page.

2. Poster.
- to be drawn on a A3 drawing block. You can only use poster color or crayon. No "Color Pencil" allowed.

- you can draw anything related to crime prevention. Include a simple caption or message.

The best 3 Scrapbooks and best 3 Posters will be rewarded with a small prize.

Group Scout Leader

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Gunung Panti updates (2)...

Dear all,

A total of 24 scouts have indicated interest so far. Those who might be interested after the "Parents Session" will be put on the reserve list.

The "Parents Session" will be held on
Date : 20 May 2006, Sat
Time : 1.30pm to 2.30pm
Venue : VS AVA Theatre

ALL scouts are to attend (even those who did not sign up). Those who sign up for this trip are to advise their parents to attend. We will share plans and answer whatever questions parents may have with regards to the Trip.

Please print the consent form and get your parent to sign it by the 20 May.

We need to process the consent forms before school closes for holidays. Those who miss the deadline will have to sit out for this trip. Payment for this trip will be collected on the 27 May 06 (amount to be advised).

Group Scout Leader