Thursday, June 23, 2011

Scout Meeting on 25 Jun 2011

Dear all,

pls refer to the meeting outline for this Sat.

Reminders -

1. Submit all sold DDT Books (full book sold) and $ before setting off for the DDT Sales.

2. Bring along all books issued for the sales.

3. Attire for this Sat - Group Polo with Scout Pants with Scout Black Shoes (not boots).

4. If you have already finished your sales, you will still go along with your patrol. You will be dismissed by your PL at 1230pm at your Patrol location. All others must return to Scout Den to submit the sold books and $.



Thursday, June 09, 2011

Scout Meeting on 11 Jun 2011

Dear all,

meeting outline attached per your reference. Due to camp matters, meeting will end at 1.15pm this week.

reminders -

Bring the following this Sat. Submit it to your PL first thing in the morning.

1. Camp consent form

2. Camp fee

3. Camp Medical Declaration Form (must be typed)

The 2 forms were emailed to you today. If for some reasons, you did not recieve them, pls consult your respective Patrol Leaders.



Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Energy Conservation Course

Dear all,

ALL sec 1s with Beckham, Suhail, Jia Geng and Gerald Lim will be attending the energy conservation course on the 14 and 21 June.

Venue - Energy Efficiency Centre, Singapore Power Building
Time - 9am to 11am
Attire - VS School Shorts and Red Activity Tee
Course i/cs - Beckham Wong & Suhail

Bring a calculator and last 2 months utilities bills with the page showing the consumption bar charts. (photocopy is fine). 100% attendance for both days is required. There will be a "home survey" project and a short test. You MUST complete the home survey and the short test to qualify for the badge.

I have emailed the course details to you. If you did not recieve the email, pls email to or ask your PLs for the email.

Attendance for this course is compulsory.


Thursday, June 02, 2011

Scout Meeting on the 4 Jun 2011

Dear all,

this Sat Scout meeting is attached for your info.

Attire - Full Scout U

Bring PE Attire for PT and Games.

Donation Draw tickets will be distributed immediately after Flag Lowering.