Thursday, August 31, 2006

6th National Scout Lore Quest Finals

Dear all,

by now you should know that our Scout Lore Team has made it to the Finals. The TEAM will be competing against Scout Groups from RI 02 (5th Scout Lore Champion), ACS (I), SJI and Ahmad Abrahim Sec.

The TEAM has set a goal to be the TOP Team! Let's go down in full force this Sat to cheer the TEAM on. To prepare for the Finals, the TEAM will be camping over in School this Friday from 9am onwards.

You are required to be in School this Sat (2 Sep) to support our TEAM.
Time to fall in : 1245pm (with lunch taken)
Attire : Full Scout Uniform (Arrow Scarf for sec 2s and 3s)
Dismissal Time : 615pm from Raffles Institution

Attendance is compulsory! Parents and Old Boys are most welcome to join us!

Group Scout Leader

Programme Annoucements

Dear all,

kindly note that Sat Scout Meeting will be suspended until the Final Exam is over. Meeting will be resume on the 28 Oct 2006.

1. Pioneering Course
the planned Pioneering course for next week has been postponed till your final exams are over. I will advise the new date after your exams.

2. Patrol Outings
your respective Patrol Outings are still valid. Pls consult your Patrol Leaders on the outing dates and programmes.

3. First Class Hike
the prelim report is due this Sat. For those taking the test, the 8 to 9 Sep test dates are confirmed. pls prepare adequately for the test.

4. Healthy Lifestyle Course
look out for assignments questions at this blog next week. You are advise to complete all assignments beofre Sept Hoildays end.

Group Scout Leader

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Meeting Outline for 26th August 2006

Dear all,

the meeting outline for this Sat, 26 Aug 2006 is attached for your reference.

Group Scout Leader

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

6th National Scout Lore Quest Quiz 2006

Dear all,

The Singapore Scout Association is organising the 6th National Scout Lore Quest Competition 2006 with the theme, “Harmony in Diversity – The Scouting Way”. The theme reflects the importance Scouting, as an educational Movement, places on peace and racial harmony.

The theme is also chosen, as part of this year’s celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Asia-Pacific Scout Region. The final for this event is scheduled on 2 September 2006 at the Raffles Institution.

The TEAM from Arrow Scout Group comprises Shervin Lim, Yu Changda, Tan Xiu Qi, Lam Qi Koi and Kwok Kin Tuck.

The TEAM will sit for a 1.25 hrs written test consisiting of 5 sections with a total of 80 MCQ questions. The 5 sections are
1. Scouting History
2. Scouting Skills
3. Scouting in the Asia-Pacific Region
4. Scouting in Singapore
5. Racial Harmony & Emergency Preparedness

The best 5 TEAMS (out of about 25 registered TEAMS) will make it to the FINALS on the 26 Aug 2006. We are competing with schools like ACS (I), ACS(B), Catholic High, RI 01, RI 02. Anglican HIgh etc.

Arrow Scout Group was the CHAMPION for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Scout Lore Quest Quiz. We were 1st runner up for the 5th Scout Lore Quest. The Goal for the TEAM is to reach the Finals and to be the TOP Team this year.

The TEAM has been training very hard for this competition. (3 times a week, each session lasting abt 5 hrs) They are counting on the whole scout group for support and encouragement!

The TEAM will be camping overnight in school this Friday for the final preparation! Cheer the TEAM on as they prepare for this Sat Prelim rounds.

Group Scout Leader

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Meeting Outline for 19 Aug 2006

Dear all,

pls note the meeting outline for this Sat (19 Aug 2006).

be reminded to bring along the Group White Round Neck T Shirt for the PT session!

Group Scout Leader

Friday, August 11, 2006

Meeting Outline for 12 Aug 2006

Dear all,

please refer to the meeting outline for this Sat.

Group Scout Leader