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Friday, August 14, 2009

Scout Meeting on the 15 Aug 2009

Dear all,

here's the meeting outline for this Sat (15 Aug 09)


Date: 15th August 2009

Attire: Scout Polo T-shirt with Scout pants
Duty Patrol: WashingtonDuty Patrol Leader: Ong Yong Jia

Time Event
0745 Fall in / Attendance
0800 Temperature Taking

0815 Flag Break
0825 PT

0915 Games
1000 Break

1015 Lectures and tests
Sec 1 – Knots & Lashings Test
Sec 2 – Knots & Lashings Test

Sec 3 – First Class Lectures

1100 Flag Lowering
1115 Dismissal


Friday, August 07, 2009

Scout Meeting for 8 Aug 2009

Dear all,

here's the programme for the scout meeting on the 8th Aug 2009.

Reminder -
8th Aug 2009 is the final deadline for the sales of Donation Draw. You are reminded to complete the sale and return the sold books and $ to the GSL this Sat (8th Aug 09).
Attire - Scout Pants and Group Polo. Bring PE Attire.
Duty Patrol - Darwin. Pls be down at the den by 730am to prepare the flag pole.


Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Donation Draw Tickets deadline this Sat 8 Aug 09

Dear all (sec 1 to 4),

I would like to collect all sold books froom you by this Sat. Do not pass any books or $ to any teachers in the staff room. See me in person during recess or after school. If not, do it this Sat.

There will be a scout meeting this Sat. Look for details.
Fall in Time - 745am
Dismissal Time - 1pm
Attire - Scout Pants with Group Polo
Bring PE Attire.