Saturday, April 29, 2006

Gunung Panti updates (1)

Dear all,

below are the scouts who had expressed interest in the Panti Trip.

updated list on 19 May 06, 9.10pm
Sec 1s

1. Jacky Heng
2. Yu Hui
3. Janus Kiong
4. Hamzah
5. Wee Loong
6. Andre Sim
7. Bryan Yong

Sec 2s
8. Sean Ho
9. Shervin
10. Irsyad
11. Zhi Cong
12. Xiu Qi
13. James Wong
14. Shu Liang

Sec 3s
15. Derrick Fun
16. Nicholas Ho
17. Xurong
18. Geng Hao
19. Adriel Ong
20. Jordan Neo
21. Kevin Hong

We had a meeting with the Organiser today. We will likely to go for the 16 to 17 June option i.e an overnight stay up on the summit! The cost per head is still being work out but it's likely to be kept around $80 (includes transport, seafood dinner on day 2, insurance coverage etc). There will be some subsidies but do not expect much!
more updates soon....

Group Scout Leader

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

CCA Points (L.E.A.P.S)

Dear all,

Do refer to the link to see how the CCA Points are awarded. I will go through with the Scout Group after the mid year exam.
LEAPS CCA Points System

The files are strictly for the benefits of our Scouts. Please do not circulate the softcopy to your friends.

At the same time, I've also included a new section on the side of this blog. Look under the "Group Admin Files" to find files like the Consent forms for participating in other schools' campfires and the LEAPS CCA Point Systems. All future admin files will be provided in this section.

Group Scout Leader

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Gunung Panti Trip

Dear all,
The Scout Group is planning a trip to Gunung Panti this year (tentatively on the 16 June or 16 to 17 June if it's overnight).

Tentative Cost = $60 to $80

If you are interested in this trip, pls leave your names in the COMMENTS. I need to start planning for this trip. Target is to have at least 25 boys going!

Do check this website to see how the trip will be like!

Gunung Panti Trip

Monday, April 17, 2006

SSA Donation Draw Tickets

Dear all,

The Singapore Scout Association Donation Draw Tickets are ready for collection!
You are required to meet at the Scout Den this Tues (18 April @1.45pm) for a 15 minutes general briefing before collecting the booklets from your respective sec 3 Patrol Leaders.

The Distribution of booklets will be as follows.
ALL sec 1 to 3 Scouts will each receive 5 booklets (10 tickets per book, each ticket is $2).
ALL sec 4 Scouts will each receive 2 booklets (no change from last year).

However, those Scouts who did less than a day of Job Week will receive 3 additional booklets. (Wei An, Darryl)

ALL sec1 to 4 Scouts who raised less than $200 during Job Week will be given 1 additional book. It’s not a punishment for these people. We would like this group of Scouts to do a little more for the Scout Group for the last fund raising of the year.
(Jordan, Yu Hui, Irsyad, Terence, Amsyar, Amzar, Ziyad, Brayn Koh, Gabriel, Nazri, Nicholas Pang. Eugene)

There will be no rewards or incentives for Donation Draw. However, you will be awarded the SSA Squirrel Award if you sell at least 7 booklets! You can only request additional books from me once your assigned number of books is completely sold!

There will be 3 collection dates for sold books and monies. The tentative dates are:
20 or 27 May, 24 June and the last date is 29 July.

ALL books not returned by the 29 July shall be considered sold to the owner of these books. ALL lost books are considered sold to the respective owners.

Every year we do not return to HQ partially sold booklets. ALL Books distributed are expected to be sold. The Scout Group will be organizing at least 1 Sales on a Sat meeting (tentatively 20 May). Usually, the sales will help Scouts to sell at least 3 books. DO NOT BURDEN YOUR PARENTS TO PURCHASE ALL THE ASSIGNED BOOKS. However, if parents would like to help to sell your assigned books, they are most welcome!

Please take this fund raising seriously! The Scout Group Target is to sell at least 300 books!

Last year’s top prize (A Subaru Matrix Car) in the Donation Draw was won by Jonathan Goh (our Sec 4 Scout last year)! Maybe you will be the winner this year?

See you all this Tues @1.45pm.

Group Scout Leader

Friday, April 14, 2006

BP's words to Patrol Leaders.....

As the sec 3 PLs prepare themselves to take over the running of the troop , I would like to share with you what Baden Powell expects Patrol Leaders to do.....

"I want you Patrol Leaders to go on and train your patrols entirely yourselves, because it is possible for you to get hold of each boy in your Patrol and make a good fellow of him It is no use having one or two brilliant boys and the rest no good at all. You should try to make them all fairly good.

The most important step to this is your own example, because what you do yourselves, your Scouts will do also. Show them that you can obey orders whether they are given by word of mouth or are printed or written rules, and that you carry them out whether your Scoutmaster is present or not. Show them that you can earn Badges for Proficiency, and your boys will follow with very little persuasion. But remember that you must give them the lead and not the push."

- Lord Baden-Powell, A Word To Patrol Leaders from Scouting for Boys

Crime Prevention Proficiency Badge Course 2007

To all Sec 1s and Sec 2s (Jason, Calten, Nicholas, Faawaz, Herman)

I've booked a visit to the Geylang Neighbourhood Police Centre (NPC) on the 23 May 2007 @ 3pm.

Attendance for the visit is COMPULSORY. I suggest those who have other commitments to postpone them in view of this visit. The visit should last for 1 to 1.5hrs. You will be dismissed from the Police Centre after the visit. The nearest MRT is Paya Lebar MRT.

Please meet at the Den on 23 May 2007 at 2pm.

Attire : School Uniform
What to bring : writing material

The visit is part of the requirements for the Crime Prevention Proficiency Badge.

Patrol Leaders, pls remind your sec 1s immediately.

Group Scout Leader

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

68th Campfire....

Dear all,
we have successfully staged yet another spectacular campfire! Every person I've spoken to has only good compliments to make about the campfire. It's not difficult if you want to know what others are saying about our campfire. Just Google Blog Search "VS Campfire" . There are plenty of good comments!

I would like all our 57 boys (even if you have tagged your comments) and Adult Leaders to give your personal comments on the 68th Campfire; whether good or bad you will not be "GUNNED"! You may want to comment on the preparations, the campfire itself, your hope and wish for the 69th Campfire or drop a line of appreciation to those in the CAMPFIRE Team! Let's hear from all of you. The comments will be use as reference for planning the 69th Campfire. Pls use your real name!

more photos are available at.....the password is arrow
68th Campfire Photos

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Civil Defence and SANA Courses in June 2006

Dear all,

These are the courses available in June Holidays!

1. Civil Defence Course
Date - 2 June 2006, Friday
Fees - $3 per Scout (No subsidy from the Scout Group)
Who should sign up - ALL SEC 1s and sec 2s & sec 3s who have not gone for the course.
Civil Defence 3rd Division
No. 533, Yishun Industrial Park A # 01-01
What you will learn - handling fire situations, basic evacuation procedures, some first aids etc.

2. SANA Anti Drug Course
Date - 1 June 2006, Thurs
Fees - $8 per Scout (Scout Group will subsidise $5. However, subsidy will only be given to those who successfully completed all requirements for the course. The subsidy will be available on the 1st week of Sept.)
Who should sign up - sec 2s & sec 3s who have not gone for the course.
No 2 Sengkang Square #05- 01
Sengkang Community Hub
Singapore 545025

You MUST SIGN UP and made payment to Kee Xurong by this Sat (8 Apr) 12 noon. We will not accept any late requests.

3 more days to CAMPFIRE!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

68th Campfire Instructions (1)

Dear all,

  1. sec 1s and 2s , fall in at 9am instead of 8am this Sat. 8 Apr 06.
  2. Do not wear your Scout Uniform when you fall in. Fall in PT attire.
  3. Preserve your Uniform for the Campfire.
  4. Sec 3s & 4s are to bring along their ARROW SCARF. same for Zhicong, Sean Ho, Shervin.
  5. ALL (sec 1 to 4) are to bring along a piece of RAG for the campfire. Pass it to PL Washington Adriel Ong. The RAG will be use for cleaning purposes.
  6. ALL to hand up consent forms IMMEDIATELY to Nicholas Pang or Xianyi if you have not done so.

Look out for more instructions before Friday!

4 more days to Campfire!
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