Friday, February 27, 2009

Scout Meeting on the 28 Feb 2009

Dear all,

the programme for this Sat Scout Meeting is attached for your reference.

Sec 1 attire - Scout Pants with belt with VS Tee, black shoes.


Friday, February 20, 2009

Scout Meeting on 21 Feb 2009

Dear all,

pls adhere to the following programme for this Sat (21/2).

For sec 3s & 4s - CEPP First Aid & CPR Modules with Civil Defence.
- Meeting time and Place - refer to the TagBoard.

For sec 1s & 2s, you are to follow the following programme outline

0745h - Fall In / Sign In Attendance
0800h - Flag Break
0815h - Physical Training
0920h - Games
1010h - Break
1020h - Lecture & Test Taking (All Sec 1s and 2s)
1130h - Footdrill
1200h - Investiture Night Preparation
1230h - Flag Lowering / Dismissal for sec 2s
1240h - Make Up Admission Lectures & Tests for sec 1s
1315h - Dismissal for sec 1s

Duty Patrols - Sec 2s from Stevenson & Washington
You are to arrive at 0730h to set up the flag pole.

Attire - VS PE Attire (No need to wear Scout Pants)

Reminders - Sec 1s are to bring along their Scout Pants, Scout Belt, Scarf & Woggle, Beret & Beret Badge


Monday, February 16, 2009

Purchase of Scout Uniform

Dear Sec 1s,

It's confirmed! We will be going down to Scout Shop at Bishan St 12 tomorrow (17 Feb) after school by public transport.

Meet outside the Scout Den at 3pm with lunch taken. You will be dismissed from Scout HQ once the purchase is completed. Best estimate time (depending on the crowd) is 6pm.

Nearest MRT is Bishan MRT.


Thursday, February 12, 2009

Scout Meeting on 14 Feb 09

Dear all,

the programme for this Sat is attached for your reference.

For the Sec 1s,
Admission Tests will be held after Scout Meeting at 1.40pm.

This Week Tests -

1. The Badge Scheme
2. Uniform and Ceremonies
3. Knowledge of Arrow Scout Group

* Purchase of Scout Uniform is tentatively next Tues.


Thursday, February 05, 2009

Scout Meeting on the 7th Feb 09

Dear all,

here's the meeting outline for this Sat Scout Meeting.

Reminder - FULL SCOUT UNIFORM for this meeting for all sec 2 to 4 Scouts.
The Sec 1s' attire is VS PE Tees and shorts.
Bring Extra set of PE Attire.

Group Scout Leader

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Sec 1 Scouts' Admission Test

Dear Sec 1s,

this Sat (7 Feb) you will be sitting for the following Tests.

1. Badge Scheme, Uniform
2. Ceremonies
3. Scout Law and Promise & The Scout Badge

For those sec 1s who just joined us last Sat, pls see me at the Staff Room for the notes for Scout Law and Promise.

Group Scout Leader
Mr Tan Wil Beng