Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Scout Meeting on 14 April 2007

Dear all,

In view of the postponement of the Group 69th Campfire,
the last Scout Meeting will be held this Sat. All Scouts are to attend.

Attire - Scout Pants with Group Polo Tees.
Fall in time - 7.45am
Dismissal time - 12.45pm

Bring along GROUP WHITE ROUNDNECK T-Shirt for PT & activities.

Group Scout Leader

Collection of Group Polo & Roundneck T Shirts

All sec 1s and the new sec 2s Scouts are to meet at the Scout Den this Thurs 12 April @2.15pm for the collection of Group Polo and Roundneck T Shirts.

You are reminded to bring $16 for both the T Shirts. The actual price of the Polo is $16 and the Roundneck is $8.50.

All other Scouts who wish to buy additional Polo or Roundneck Tees, you need to pay the actual price. Come down to the den tomorrow at 2.30pm.

Group Scout Leader

Friday, April 06, 2007

Scout Meeting on 7 April 2007

Dear all,
here's the important summary of what to expect for this Sat (7 April) Scout Meeting.
1. Attire For All- FULL Scout Uniform
2. Meeting Time - 7.45am to 1.15pm. Fall in at 7.45am.
Programme includes PT, Games, Song Session (prep for Campfire) and Lectures (Scout Standard, Advanced, First Class)

3. Duty Patrol - Livingstone Patrol (Changda to ensure Flag Pole is ready at 7.45am)
4. Campfire Preparation - ALL Sec 3s and 4s Scouts are expected to stay behind to help in the Campfire Preparation after lunch ( from 1.45pm to 4pm)
5. Reminders - ALL to bring VS PE Attire for Physical Training and a spare set of dry clothing for change.

Group Scout Leader