Friday, June 30, 2006


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Celebrating Singapore’s 41st birthday on 9 August 2006, the People’s Association (PA) and its grassroots organisations (GROs), together with The Singapore Scout Association (SSA), will rally Singaporeans together to join the National Day Celebration. PA’s slogan “Join the Celebrations, Fly Our Flag” is apt in promoting the display of the National Flag and inculcating a sense of patriotism among Singaporeans

In a first time collaboration, leading up to National Day 2006, the PA will be partnering with SSA to encourage Singaporeans to display the national flag with pride in July and August 2006. Scout units from primary and secondary schools are matched to the respective 84 constituencies where they are based. They will work closely with the grassroots organisations in their respective constituencies in this endeavour.

Starting 1 July 2006, grassroots leaders from Residents’ Committees (RCs), Neighbourhood Committees and Youth Executive Committees, and scouts will be going house-to-house in both private and HDB estates in their respective constituencies to encourage the residents to display the national flag as a way to celebrate National Day 2006. For residents who do not have a national flag, they can purchase it from the grassroots leaders and scouts during their house visits or at any Community Centre/Club or RC Centre.

Our Scout Group will work hand in hand with the Grassroots leaders / RC members of the Joo Chiat SMC and Simei Division. More details this Sat on the work schedule for the next 2 Sats. Parents are welcome to join us in the sales of the National Flag.

pls click to download
Letter to Parents
Letter to Unit Leaders on Do's and Don'ts
PA and its Grassroots Organisations
Knowledge on National Flag

Group Scout Leader

Meeting Outline for 1 Jul 2006

Dear all,

a slight change in the programme for the test taking time slot.
Group Scout Leader

Friday, June 23, 2006

Scout Standard Knots Test

Dear sec 1s,
you will be tested on the following knots for this Sat (24 Jun) Scout meeting.

Scout Standard Knots Test (1)
1. Thumb Knot
2. Timber Hitch
3. Half Hitch
4. Round Turn Two Half Hitch
5. Clove Hitch
6. Figure of 8 Knot
7. Double Figure of 8 Knot
8. Figure of 8 Loop
9. Reef Knot
10. Thief Knot
11. Square Lashing
12. Diagonal Lashing

if there is time, the following will be tested for

Scout Standard Knots Test (2)
1 Highwayman's Hitch
2 Marline Spike Hitch
3 Sheet Bend
4 Double Sheet Bend
5 Sheepshank
6 Fisherman Knot
7 Bowline
8 Snake Lashing
9 Figure of 8 Lashing
10 Sailmaker's Whipping

You are expected to know the uses besides knowing how to tie them!

Group Scout Leader

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Scout Meeting on 24 Jun 2006

Dear all,

there will be Scout Meeting this Sat (24 Jun).
attire : Scout Pants and Polo Tee
Bring along extra change of clothing for PT and activities.

You are reminded to complete your school holidays homework and not to leave them till this weekend for the last rush! Absentees for this Scout meeting cannot use "Homework" as an excuse for not showing up for the meeting!

Those who have not submitted the Crime Prevention assignments and SANA assignments.... you have one final chance to do so this Sat.

we will be collecting DDT books and $ this Sat. If you have completed the sales, do submit the $ and books this Sat.

All sec 2s and 1s are to make payment for the Healthy Lifestyle course to Yong Yi this Sat. The course fee is $3. Upon successful completion of this course, you will be fully reimbursed with the $3 full subsidy.

Group Scout Leader

Gunung Panti Trek (16 Jun 2006)

26 Scouts, Leaders and family members completed the Trek to Gunung Panti (513m) on the 16 Jun 2006. Here are some photos detailing the Trek.

Memories from XI PLTC...

Dear all,

photos from XI PLTC.....

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Activities updates....

Dear all,

there will be NO Scout Meeting this Sat 17 June 2006. we all deserve a good rest after the PLTC and Gunung Panti Trip. Meeting will resume on the 24 June 2006. Those who have completed their DDT sales are advised to submit their $ and books on 24 June. The final deadline remains as 29 July 2006.

For those going for Gunung Panti this Friday, pls note that it is now a 1 day trip with no overnight stay due to recent changes introduced by the Malaysian authorities. Be reminded to turn up this Friday 7.30am. You are advised to read your email for any updates.

Group Scout Leader.