Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Scout Meeting on 24 Jun 2006

Dear all,

there will be Scout Meeting this Sat (24 Jun).
attire : Scout Pants and Polo Tee
Bring along extra change of clothing for PT and activities.

You are reminded to complete your school holidays homework and not to leave them till this weekend for the last rush! Absentees for this Scout meeting cannot use "Homework" as an excuse for not showing up for the meeting!

Those who have not submitted the Crime Prevention assignments and SANA assignments.... you have one final chance to do so this Sat.

we will be collecting DDT books and $ this Sat. If you have completed the sales, do submit the $ and books this Sat.

All sec 2s and 1s are to make payment for the Healthy Lifestyle course to Yong Yi this Sat. The course fee is $3. Upon successful completion of this course, you will be fully reimbursed with the $3 full subsidy.

Group Scout Leader

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