Friday, April 06, 2007

Scout Meeting on 7 April 2007

Dear all,
here's the important summary of what to expect for this Sat (7 April) Scout Meeting.
1. Attire For All- FULL Scout Uniform
2. Meeting Time - 7.45am to 1.15pm. Fall in at 7.45am.
Programme includes PT, Games, Song Session (prep for Campfire) and Lectures (Scout Standard, Advanced, First Class)

3. Duty Patrol - Livingstone Patrol (Changda to ensure Flag Pole is ready at 7.45am)
4. Campfire Preparation - ALL Sec 3s and 4s Scouts are expected to stay behind to help in the Campfire Preparation after lunch ( from 1.45pm to 4pm)
5. Reminders - ALL to bring VS PE Attire for Physical Training and a spare set of dry clothing for change.

Group Scout Leader

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