Thursday, August 09, 2007

Scout Meeting on the 11 Aug 2007

Dear all,

the meeting outline for this Sat is attached for your reference.

Reminders :
1. Pls prepare for your respective tests.
2. Campfire Preparation applies to sec 2s and 3s.

Donation Draw 2007
Our Scout Group has sold 2565 tickets, raising a total of $5130. In 2006, we sold a total of 3110 tickets.

The following scouts will receive the Squirrel Award for their Donation Draw Sales at the next Scout Meeting.

First Time Target Achiever "Green" Squirrel Award
Chew Wen Jie
Wee Shou Jun Ivan
Chua Zhi Yuan
L. Ramasamy
Liaw Zhong Wei
Lim Chan An
Ng Jun Wei Donavon
Ong Zhi Quan Gerard
Teo Shen Jie Timothy
Ng Wee Loong
Kiong Yan Chong Janus
Yong Zhishan Bryan
Liew Qizhi Joel

2nd Year Target Achiever (Bronze Squirrel Award)
Ho Yu Hui
Lau Seng Teck Avester
Ho Kai Jie Sean

Group Scout Leader

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