Thursday, November 22, 2007

Scout Meeting on the 24 Nov 2007

Dear all,

refer to the meeting outline for this week and prepare well for your respective progress tests, esp all the sec 3s.

Dear sec 2s,

the 7 who passed SANA and need not do anything are :
Kah Fong, Janus, Kin Tuck, Wee Ann, Wee Loong, Andre, Ziyad.

the 7 who need to IMMEDIATELY COMPLETE the SANA project are :
Yu Hui, Avester, Bryan, Herman, Fawwaz, Calten, Kun Hao

PLs, you need to ensure these 7s complete the project by this Friday latest. If the project is not completed by this Friday, the 7s will have to return the subsidy of $4 for the SANA course AND NO SUBSIDY will be given for the 1 star kayaking course.

Group Scout Leader

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