Monday, February 11, 2008

Sec 1 Purchase of Scout Uniform

Dear Sec 1s,

Fall in outside the den at 2.45pm after school on Tuesday 12 Feb 2008. Do take your lunch before fall in. Sec 4 i/c - ATL Lim Shu Liang

Bring $90 cash for the whole set of Scout Uniform (unless you have NETS).
You will be going to Scout Shop @ Scout HQ at Bishan Street 12 by SBS Bus. There is likely a crowd on the 12 Feb hence expect to leave the Scout Shop not earlier than 5pm.

DO HELP to remind your fellow classmates who are Scouts about this arrangement.

Group Scout Leader


Anonymous said...

i did not get my scout uniforms what do i do?
(i did not stay back on 12 feb)

Arrow Scouts said...

The Troop Leader (Ong Zhi Cong from 4H) will contact all those who did not turn up for the uniform purchase and will arrange 1 more trip down to Scout Shop. Make sure you can make it this time.