Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Job Week Cards Collection

Dear all,

Job Week (8 to 11 Mar 2008)
pls meet at the scout den at 2.30pm this Thurs to collect your Job Week cards.
if you cannot make it on Thurs, do collect the cards on Friday at 1.30pm.

all scouts are to meet at the scout den this Sat, 8am before setting off for Job Week. Your respective sec 4s patrol leaders will take charge of you in the absence of the sec 3s. You are required to perform 4 days of Job Week (8 to 11 Mar) from 9am to 6 pm. Return to the the scout den every day to submit your daily earnings. DO NOT ask your friends to do the submission on your behalf. If you cannot be back in the evening, submit the earnings on the next morning.

Attire for Job Week - Scout Uniform (no beret needed) with comfortable sports shoes.
Bring along PE Tees & shorts and a piece of rag.

Energy Conservation Course
Sec 1s, you are reminded to meet at the Scout Den at 2pm this Friday for the 2nd session of the Energy Conservation Course. The 2nd session is compulsory. If you cannot make it this Friday, SEE ME on FRIDAY after school.


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