Friday, April 11, 2008

Cycling @ Ubin (12 April 08)

Dear all,

here's the programme outline for this Sat Cycling @ Ubin.

Reminders :
1. Assemble outside Changi Ferry Terminal (next to Changi Village Food Centre) at 8.15am. You will be dismissed from Changi Village at 6.30pm.
2. NO sandals allowed. ALl to wear proper shoes.
3. Wear according to attire listed in the programme.
4. If you have not submitted consent forms, you are to bring the signed form tmr. I will not allow anyone without consent form to attend this Cycling Trip.
Click here to download the consent form

5. You are encourage to bring your own Digital Camera. Sec 3 PLs, be sure to have 1 in your Patrol.

Group Scout Leader

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