Friday, May 30, 2008

Scout Meeting on 31 May 08

Dear all,
here's the programme for this Sat Scout meeting.

1. PLTC briefing for all sec 2s and 3s will be held this Sat from 2 to 3.30pm. Attendance is complusory.

2. For all (esp. sec 1s) who have purchased new Group Polo and Roundneck t-shirts, you are to stitch your name initial on the "size tag" For example, if your name is Chun Kit then stich a simple "CK". We do not want confusion during scout meeting!

3. Remind your parents or maid not to use bleaching solution for the Group Polo. The Emblem will be "decolorised" and you will have to purchase another shirt.

For those going to Anderson Campfire on the 30 May,
meet Bryan Yong at Ang Mo Kio MRT control station at 6pm. His HP no. is 94668706.
Crescent Campfire is on the 31 May. Instructions will be given during Scout meeting this Sat.


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