Thursday, August 14, 2008

Scout Meeting on the 16 Aug 08

Dear all,

here's the programme for this Sat.
attire for this meeting - Scout Pants with Polo Tee

reminders -
1. sec 1s doing the crime prevention course assignment, you have till 23 Aug 08 to submit the assignments.

2. Those taking the Healthy Lifestyle course are to start planning for the assignment after this Sat course requirements briefing.

3. Campfires for this Sat - Catholic High Scouts (at Bishan) and TKGS Guides. All Scouts will be assigned to attend one of the campfires. The list will be made available this Sat. You are reminded to print and get the consent form signed by your parent.
If you cannot make it, pls come prepared with a short excuse letter (with a valid reasons) signed by your parent.


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