Thursday, December 04, 2008

Results for 6th National Patrol Camp

Dear all,

I'm pleased to announce that the Patrol comprising Shu Liang, Wee Loong, Bryan, Zen, Chan An, Yong Jia, Isaac and Francis (reserves - Kah Fong, Ivan, Zong Ren) has achieved the GOLD Merit in the recently concluded 6th National Patrol Camp.

We were ranked overall 3rd amongst the 60 Patrols from the different schools. Catholic High School was the overall champion and claimed the Best Patrol Title along with the Chief Commissioner's Challenge Shield. Dunman High School was ranked 2nd. Only 10 schools were awarded the Gold Merit.

Let's congratulate the our Scouts for achieving such good result. This Gold Merit is our 5th consecutive Gold. No other Schools has achieved this except Catholic High School.

I would like to thank the following.
- all parents, especially Mr Chia (Isaac's father) for the various support given to our Scouts.
- the Support Team comprising Guo Qiang, Janus, Gerard, Sherman and many more sec 1s, 2s and 3s who have given their time to support the team's training.
- our Adult Leaders Kai Urn and Kwok Chin for their time
- Jordan, Shervin, Changda, Xiu Qi, Sean, Zhi Cong who have acted as Trainers.

Thank You.

Let's bring back the Shield in 2010/11.

Group Scout Leader

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