Friday, February 20, 2009

Scout Meeting on 21 Feb 2009

Dear all,

pls adhere to the following programme for this Sat (21/2).

For sec 3s & 4s - CEPP First Aid & CPR Modules with Civil Defence.
- Meeting time and Place - refer to the TagBoard.

For sec 1s & 2s, you are to follow the following programme outline

0745h - Fall In / Sign In Attendance
0800h - Flag Break
0815h - Physical Training
0920h - Games
1010h - Break
1020h - Lecture & Test Taking (All Sec 1s and 2s)
1130h - Footdrill
1200h - Investiture Night Preparation
1230h - Flag Lowering / Dismissal for sec 2s
1240h - Make Up Admission Lectures & Tests for sec 1s
1315h - Dismissal for sec 1s

Duty Patrols - Sec 2s from Stevenson & Washington
You are to arrive at 0730h to set up the flag pole.

Attire - VS PE Attire (No need to wear Scout Pants)

Reminders - Sec 1s are to bring along their Scout Pants, Scout Belt, Scarf & Woggle, Beret & Beret Badge


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