Friday, January 29, 2010

Scout Meeting on the 30 Jan 2010

Dear all,

There will be Scout Meeting on the 30 Jan 2010.
Attire - Group Polo with Scout Pants (Sec 2 to 4).
PT Attire - White Roundneck Tee.
Sec 1 - VS PE Attire

Fall in - 7.45am
Dismissal - 1.15pm
Duty Patrol - Stevenson Patrol.

Sec 2s to 4s - Bring along your drill boots for footdrill this Sat.

For those who have not completed their respective progress badges (Std, Adv, FC), there will be retest session during the 1 hr test slot. Do prepare for the re tests.

All Sec 3s are to stay behind this Sat for Total Defence Day preparation. (2pm to 5pm)
Bring along a pair of good scissors and cutter.


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