Friday, March 05, 2010

Investiture Night 2010 Instructions

Dear all,

(A) Personal Gear List

You are advised to bring along the following –
1. Have an early Lunch for this Sat before “Fall in”.
2. Enough money for this Sat’s Dinner.
3. 2x Sets of school based T-Shirts, shorts and underwear.
4. 1x Towel
5. 1x Toiletries set consisting of shower foam, toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, powder etc.
6. 1x Slipper
7. 1x Air Pillow (Optional) and Sleeping Bag (Optional)
8. Full set of Scout Uniform (Beret, Scarf, Woggle, Shirt, Pants, Belt, Socks, Black Shoes)

9. Consent form if you have not submitted.

A letter signed by your parent if you need to be excused from Job Week (13 to 16 Mar 2010) for a valid reason. An example of valid reason is: Going overseas during the same period (must show proof). Tuition classes are NOT VALID reason for excuse. Job Week is compulsory for all Scouts.

Any other things you deemed necessary for the overnight stay in school.

(B) Admin Instructions

1. You are to fall-in at the Scout Den in School PT attire by 11.45am, this Sat. Bring along your Uniform (well iron) on a hanger. Sec 1s and 2s without name tags are to label their Uniform accordingly.

2. You are to advise your Parents (sec 1s and 3s) to come by 7.45pm. Gather at the school canteen for ushers to bring them to the Amphitheatre accordingly.

3. Do advise your parents that the event will end a little over 10pm.
4. The attire for Parents is Smart Casual.

Group Scout Leader
5 Mar 2010

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