Thursday, May 31, 2012

Scout Meeting on the 2 Jun 2012

Dear all,

there will be a Scout Meeting this Sat, 2 June

Time       Event                   Venue     In Charge
0745      Fall in / Attendance    Den          Anthony
0800      Flag Break                 Driveway     Suhail
0815      PT                             School     Jia Geng
0915     Games                      ISH                 Joel
1015      Break                      School          Suhail

1030     Progress Badges Training
Sec 1:  Highway and Country Codes Test
 i/c  Suhail, Yi Yong

Sec 2:
First Aid 2 Lectures
i/c Liang Yi

Sec 3:
Knots by AL Daryl Tan

1130    Footdrill
1210    Patrol Corner
1220    Flag Lowering
1230    Dismissal

  1. Attire for this Sat - Polo with Scout Pants. No need full Scout U.
  2. Bring along PE attire.
  3. Bring along your respective Progress scheme training books.
  4. Sec 2s and 3s - yr PLTC consent forms.
  5. Briefing fo PLTC - 130pm to 3pm
Sec 1s,

we are looking for two sec 1s who would like to join the PLTC as Service Scouts. You will assist in camp logistics during the duration of the camp
(7 to 11 Jun). Let me know by this Sat if you would like to join us as Service Scouts.


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