Thursday, November 15, 2012

Scout Meeting on 17 Nov 2012

Dear all,

there will be Scout Meeting this Sat.
Attire - White Roundneck Tee with VS PE Shorts.
Bring extra PE attire for change.

Since 10 sec 1s will be reporting straight for 1 Star Kayaking, this week meeting will focus on Progress Badge Scheme ONLY.
The respective Testmasters will advise accordingly.

Programme Outline
Duty PL -  Linus Wong (Stevenson)

8am -       Fall in / Attendance  (No need for Flag Break this week)
815am-    PT
915am -   Games
10am -     Break
1015am - Progress Badge Scheme
1215pm -      Scouter's Minute
1230pm -  Dismissal

** PLC for Dec Camp planning 130pm to 3pm.

Reminders -
  1. Water Conservation Course is confirmed on 20 Nov (more details during Scouter's Minutes)
  2. VS Open House preparation (sec 3 & selected sec 2s only) on 23 Nov
  3. VS Open House on 24 Nov

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