Wednesday, June 14, 2017

June Camp on 15-16 June 2017

Dear all,

Please refer to the programme for 15/16 June 2017.

We will be having the June Camp this Thursday. All scouts are required to report on 15 June by 0800hrs at the den. Reporting attire for Sec 1s and 2s is Red PT Kit with PE pants. Reporting attire for Sec 3s is Black PT with PE pants. Any comfortable sports shoes are allowed. Consent forms are to be signed and handed in at the start of camp.

Scouts are to take note of the following:
-A daypack (small haversack is fine) is compulsory for the Day Orienteering.
-Bring along an EZ-link/Student Card with value for bus.
-Bring along sufficient money for buying snacks/drinks when outside school.
-Phones and wallets are to be placed in a small ziplock bag and handed in for safekeeping when not needed.

Dismissal will be approximately 1730hrs, 16 June From school.


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