Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Payments for Arrow Polo and Roundneck T-shirt

Dear all,

you are to make payments to your respective sec 3 Patrol Leaders by this Sat (25 Mar) accordingly. Sec 4s are to make payments to Winston Tay.

For Arrow Roundneck T-shirt, all Scouts are to pay $6 per shirt.

For Arrow Polo T-shirt, the cost is $16 per shirt.

All sec 1 (except Wei An and Darryl Yeo), Nishant and Yong Yi will pay $8 per shirt. Wei An and Darryl Yeo will pay $12 per shirt.

The Polo will be distributed this Sat(25 Mar) to all sec 1s, Nishant and Yong Yi. All other Scouts who want to make purchase for the 2nd Polo will pay at full cost of $16 per shirt.

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