Thursday, May 11, 2006

Sec 1s Crime Prevention Course assignments

Dear sec 1s,

I have decided to give you more time to submit your 2 assignments. This will be my last extension of deadline. The new deadline will be 3 June, Sat 9am. The assignments are :

1. Scrap book containing 10 newspaper articles on crime.
You are supposed to comment on how this crime could have been prevented (a short paragraph (min 50 words).
The 10 articles should be of the following categories :
a. housebreaking or shop breaking
b. robbery in Lifts/Streets
c. Snatch Theft
d. Motor Vehicle Theft
e. Outrage of Modesty
f. Handphone Theft
g. Cyber Crime or ATM related Crime
h. any articles related to elderly or any person cheated by "magic stone", or "con man".

i. any other crime not listed in the above.

You are allowed a max of 2 articles from the same category. There should be at least 5 original newspaper articles. The rest can be articles from the Internet or Library Archives. ALL articles must be Crimes that happened in Singapore.

You can decorate you Scrap book with phamplets collected from the Crime Prevention Exhibition room.

The Scrap book need not be type written. However, you need to write legibly. Don't forget to include a Content Page.

2. Poster.
- to be drawn on a A3 drawing block. You can only use poster color or crayon. No "Color Pencil" allowed.

- you can draw anything related to crime prevention. Include a simple caption or message.

The best 3 Scrapbooks and best 3 Posters will be rewarded with a small prize.

Group Scout Leader

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