Monday, May 22, 2006

11th PLTC consent form and Sec 1 Camp

Dear sec 2s** and 3s Scouts,

The 11th PLTC will be a 5 days Camp instead of 6 days. Download the consent form for your parent to sign. All consent forms must be submitted to me this Sat @ 8am. The PLTC is compuslory for all sec 2s** and 3s.

A briefing will be held for all sec 2s** and 3s this Sat at 8am. (before the patrol set off for DDT Sales). A subsidised Camp fees of $25 will be collected this Sat.

** Nishant Senan DO NOT NEED TO ATTEND the PLTC.

11th PLTC Consent Form

Dear sec 1s Scouts,

The sec 1 Camp may be cancelled this year due to adult leaders' resources constraint. However as of today, I am still trying to arrange for this Camp. A decision will be made this Sat with regards to the sec 1s Camp.

Meanwhile, I'm looking for 2 or 3 sec 1s Scouts willing to join us for the PLTC as SERVICE SCOUTS. The duties of the Service Scouts include helping the Camp Staff do groceries purchases, preparing meals for Camp Staff and helping with all logistics matters pertaining to the PLTC. You need not pay camp fee for this purpose. Let me know through email if you are interested by this Friday.

Group Scout Leader

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