Thursday, August 31, 2006

6th National Scout Lore Quest Finals

Dear all,

by now you should know that our Scout Lore Team has made it to the Finals. The TEAM will be competing against Scout Groups from RI 02 (5th Scout Lore Champion), ACS (I), SJI and Ahmad Abrahim Sec.

The TEAM has set a goal to be the TOP Team! Let's go down in full force this Sat to cheer the TEAM on. To prepare for the Finals, the TEAM will be camping over in School this Friday from 9am onwards.

You are required to be in School this Sat (2 Sep) to support our TEAM.
Time to fall in : 1245pm (with lunch taken)
Attire : Full Scout Uniform (Arrow Scarf for sec 2s and 3s)
Dismissal Time : 615pm from Raffles Institution

Attendance is compulsory! Parents and Old Boys are most welcome to join us!

Group Scout Leader

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