Thursday, August 31, 2006

Programme Annoucements

Dear all,

kindly note that Sat Scout Meeting will be suspended until the Final Exam is over. Meeting will be resume on the 28 Oct 2006.

1. Pioneering Course
the planned Pioneering course for next week has been postponed till your final exams are over. I will advise the new date after your exams.

2. Patrol Outings
your respective Patrol Outings are still valid. Pls consult your Patrol Leaders on the outing dates and programmes.

3. First Class Hike
the prelim report is due this Sat. For those taking the test, the 8 to 9 Sep test dates are confirmed. pls prepare adequately for the test.

4. Healthy Lifestyle Course
look out for assignments questions at this blog next week. You are advise to complete all assignments beofre Sept Hoildays end.

Group Scout Leader

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