Thursday, November 16, 2006

Scout Meeting Outline for 18 Nov 2006

Dear all,

the meeting outline is attached for your reference. This week is a FULL SCOUT UNIFORM week in view of VS Open House for the Pri 6 pupils.

Reminders :
1. those who have not submitted their SA1/SA2 photocopy of their results slips are to do so by this Sat to Derrick Fun.

2. sec 1 and 2 Scouts - take note and prepare for your respective progress test this Sat.

3. Pack a Rucksack Test
Click here for the Pack a Rucksack Pack List
Click here for extra notes on How to Pack a Rucksack

4. Group Camp Consent Form and Camp Fee

Submit the consent form & Camp Fee to Derrick Fun this Sat.
Click here for the Group Camp Consent Form

Group Scout Leader

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