Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Scout Meeting Outline for 2 Dec 2006

Dear all,

the meeting outline is attached for your reference.

Reminders :

1. SA1 / SA2 Results Photocopy

those who have not submitted their SA1/SA2 photocopy of their results slips are to do so by this Sat to Derrick Fun. This will be the last reminder. Those who fail to do so by this Sat will be separately dealt with by the GSL.

2. Progress Tests
sec 1 and 2 Scouts - take note and prepare for your respective progress tests this Sat. If you have missed or failed any earlier tests, you can ask the Testmasters to allow you to redo them after Scout meeting.

sec 3 - those who have not complete the FC Knots 1 are to prepare for the Test under GJ this Sat.

3. Group Camp Consent Form and Camp Fee
Submit the consent form & Camp Fee ($20) to Derrick Fun this Sat.
We need to confirm the number of camp participants for food, logistics and activities arrangement. If you do not submit the consent form & Camp Fee by this Sat, we will assume that you are not turning up for the Camp. You will pay a higher Camp fee of $25 for Late submission after this Sat.

Group Scout Leader

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