Friday, December 15, 2006

Scout Meeting 16 Dec 2006

Dear all,

be reminded that the Camp Store Maintenance meeting will be held on 16 Dec 2006.
Time - 9am to 1pm (if we finish earlier, we will go home earlier!! 1pm should be the latest.)
Attire - VS PE Shirt & Shorts

the 16 Dec 2006 was originally scheduled to be a non meeting day. But in view of the rain on the last day of camp we need to come back for camp store maintenance.

The focus for this Maintenance Day is
1. Tents - dry them, repair if necessary, oil the pegs, remove rust from tent poles.
2. Ropes - dry all ropes used, repair and whip loose ends
3. Pack pioneering poles back to pole racks.
4. Pack QM Store in 4th Floor

We hope to see all of you coming in to help! Only those who have made prior arrangements like overseas trip or "make up tuition lessons" will be excused.

Group Scout Leader

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