Friday, December 08, 2006

Scout Meeting Outline for 9 Dec 2006

Dear all,

Pls note the following meeting outline :

Attire - VS PE Shirts and Shorts

0845hrs - Fall in /Sign in attendance (Derrick Fun)
0900hrs - Tests Taking (Respective Std/Adv/FC Testmasters)
(This Test slot is "open" for all those who need to do any re tests. Prepare yourself. You can choose to re take any test you have failed before! This includes those who failed the PLTC Theory Paper.)

0945hrs - Group Camp Briefing (Adriel Ong)
(Bring along the Camp Personal Equipment List)

1015hrs - Camp Logistics Preparation (1)
(i/c Adriel & Jianxu with respective Patrols)

1145hrs - Lunch Break

1210hrs - Camp Logistics Preparation 2
(i/c Adriel & Jianxu with respective Patrols)

1330hrs - Dismissal for sec 1 & 2s

1400hrs - Camp Logistics Preparation 3 (Sec 3s Only)
1500hrs - Final Camp Meeting
1600hrs - Dismissal for sec 3s

Reminders :
1. Sec 1s are to return the Uniform Subsidy Voucher.
2. There are still boys who have not submit consent form and camp fee, your last chance to do so by 9am this Sat.
3. Those who have yet to submit their copies of SA1/SA2 results, pls heed the last call before facing the GSL for Disciplinary Actions.

Group Scout Leader

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