Friday, February 23, 2007

Results of Admission Test 2

Dear Sec 1s and 2s Scout Recruits,

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The List of Scouts who passed the Promise & Law BUT Failed the Scout Badge and Salute.
Anand, Eugene, Zen
Chan An, Gerard, Herman Chong

* you just need to retake the Scout Badge and Salute before next Friday.

A verbal retest will be done for the following this Sat (24 Feb)
1. Nicholas Poh on Q7 "Occasions where Scout Salute are given"
2. Ivan Wee and Zhi Yuan on Q6 "Explain the significance (meaning) of the Scout Salute"

L. Ramasamy failed both Promise & Law and the Scout Badge and Salute. You need to retake the whole test before next Friday.

The following did not take the test and must complete the written Test before next Friday.
Zhong Wei, Timothy and Fawwaz

Group Scout Leader

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