Sunday, February 11, 2007

7th NSPC Roll of Honour

Dear all,

Our Scouts have put up a superb performance in the 7th National Scoutcraft & Pioneering Competition. Congratulations to all the participants for the excellent efforts in bringing honours to the Scout Group.

Roll of Honour

a. 321 Flag Pole (1st Position)
- Adriel, Sean, Janus, Bryan and Kah Fong

b. Pioneering Skills (2nd Position)
- Xurong, Shervin, Changda, James, Fabian, Xiu Qi, Terence, Shu Liang, Nicholas Ho

c. SourGrapes (2nd Position)
- Alif, Derrick, Yong Yi, Amsyar, Amzar, Zhi Cong, Gordan, Wee Loong, Wei An, Nicholas Poh

d. Blindfold Tentage (3rd Position)
- Ziyad, Kun Hao, Andre, Jacky, Chan An, Zen, Donavon, Kin Tuck.

e. Chariot Race (8th Position)
- Geng Hao, Joel, Guo Qiang, Yu Hui

f. Roman Cannon Ball
- Jordan, Kevin, Hadi, Avester

g. Logging
- Jianxu, Wai Yong, Herman, Calten

Let us not forget to thank all the trainers involved in preparing the various teams. The main trainers were Gregory, Javier, Eng Wei, Kesheng and SL.

Lastly, to those who have supported the Group in one way or another, thank you!

Group Scout Leader

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