Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Job Week 2007 - Collection of Cards & Instructions

Dear all,

be reminded to collect your Job Week Cards this Friday (9 Mar 07), 2pm at the Scout Den.

Please adhere to the following instructions.
1. All Scouts are to report to the Scout Den this Sat 10 Mar 07 by 8.30am.
2. Working Hours : 9 am to 6 pm
3. Use the cards from the smallest card number.
Use only Black or Blue BALL POINT PEN. Cheap ball point pen like “RED LEAF” brand is recommended.
4. The cards issued to you are NOT TRANSFERABLE. DO not exchange cards with your fellow scouts. All TRANSFER CAN ONLY BE DONE WITH THE CONSENT OF THE SCOUT LEADER. If you’re sick and cannot perform Job Week, please inform your Patrol Leader.

5. The Job Done Stickers are strictly to be given to household when a JOB IS DONE. Do not trade the stickers for $ contribution. (Each is given about 40 to 50 stickers only !)
6. Do not hand your daily earning to any Scouts to submit on your behalf. If you cannot make it back in the evening, you must come personally the next morning at 9 am to submit the previous day’s earning. All Job Week Cards issued (used and unused) and $$ must be handed up by the last day of Job Week 6.30 pm.

Group Scout Leader

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