Thursday, March 29, 2007

Scout Meeting on the 31 Mar 2007

Dear all,

here's the important summary of what to expect for this Sat Scout Meeting.

1. Attire
For Sec 2s to 4s - Group Polo with Scout Pants
For new sec 1s and 2s - VS PE T-Shirt and Scout Pants

2. Meeting Time - 7.45am to 1.15pm. Fall in at 7.45am.
Programme includes PT, Games, Song Session (prep for Campfire) and Lectures (Scout Standard, Advanced, First Class)

3. Duty Patrol - Darwin Patrol (Zhi Cong to ensure Flag Pole is ready at 7.45am)

4. Campfire Preparation -
ALL Sec 3s and 4s Scouts are expected to stay behind to help in the Campfire Preparation after lunch ( from 1.45pm to 6pm)

5. Reminders -
ALL to bring VS PE Attire for Physical Training and a spare set of dry clothing for change.

6. Campfire Songs Lyrics
pls download and print the campfire songs lyrics for this Sat Sing Song Session.

Group Scout Leader

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