Thursday, June 21, 2007

Scout Meeting on the 23 June 2007

Dear all,

you are reminded that this Sat Scout Meeting is for Public Sales of Donation Draw Tickets. You will go out as a Patrol to HDB homes to sell your Donation Draw Tickets.

Fall in - 9 am
Dismissal Time from VS - 3.30pm
Attire - Full Scout Uniform (Bring along a T Shirt for change)
Duty Patrol Leader - Tan Xiu Qi

Bring all your sold/unsold tickets this Sat for the Sales. The Scout Group will only collect "complete sold" books.

Attendance is compulsory.

You are reminded to complete your School Holidays homework asap. No Scout shall use "Scouting Activities" as an excuse for having no time to do school homework.

CRIME PREVENTION COURSE Assignments (Poster and Scrap Book) are to be submitted to the GSL this Sat, 9am. All late submission will be deemed as FAILED.

Scout Standard First Aid Re Test

The following scouts are to re take the Scout Standard First Aid Test this Sat

anand, wen jie, eugene, zen, chang an, donavan, gerard, brennan, hao yang, fawwaz, jason, calton, nicholas

Group Scout Leader

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