Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Scout Meeting on 9 Jun 07

Dear all,

the programme is attached for your reference.
Camp preparation will be carried out after lunch. All to attend.

Reminders :
1. Civil Defence course is on the 7th June. Meet Changda at Yishun MRT Control Station at 7.45am. Full Uniform. Bring T-shirt. (All sec 1s and some sec 2s)

2. SANA Anti Drug Course is on the 8th June. Meet Fabian at Sengakang MRT Control Station at 8am. Full Uniform. (All sec 2s)

3. Those who have not pay the $4 subsidise course fee for SANA course are to do so this Sat without fail.

4. Camp Consent form (even if you have valid reasons for not attending) must be submitted by this Sat together with the $10 Camp fees.

Group Scout Leader

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