Saturday, February 20, 2010

Important Reminders for Founder's Day (22 Feb)

Dear all (including Sec 1s)

as instructed today, you are reminded to Report to the Scout Den this Monday 22 Feb 2010 at 7.10am in your FULL Scout Uniform. Sec 1s will wear their VS Uniform with school tie as usual.

We will have a simple ceremony to mark the Founder's Day at the Indoor Sports Hall (1st Level). The programme is as follow.

0710 - Scouts to fall in at the Scout Den in Full Scout Uniform. PLs to have a quick check on their boys Uniform.
0715 - Scouts to assemble at Indoor Sports Hall (1st Level) in horseshoe.
0720- Founder's Day message will be read.
0725 - Scouts are dismissed to return to their respective classes for morning assembly.

1. Pls ensure that you wear a proper CLEAN BLACK canvas shoe or well polished drill boots. No white shoes are allowed. This rule does not apply to sec 1s.

2. You WILL NOT REMOVE your scarf during your CA written paper. The scarf is part of your Scout Uniform unlike the school tie.

3. Be smart at ALL TIMES in your Scout Uniform esp. the scarfs and tucking in of the shirt.
4. Do make sure you put on YOUR BEST behaviour during lessons this Monday. Remember, everyone will be observing to see what kind of Scout you are. I do not want to hear complains from your subject teachers.

5. For classes having PE lesson on Monday, you MUST change back into your Scout Uniform after PE.

6. You MUST wear the Scout Uniform from home and when going home.

7. Sec 4 ESP Students will be allowed to wear Roundneck black with Scout pants for ESP lessons.

PLs, you are expected to call your Patrol Members PERSONALLY to remind them about Founder's Day.

All those who forget to wear their Scout Uniform for whatever reasons will serve 5 hrs detention this week.


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