Friday, February 19, 2010

Scout Meeting on the 20 Feb 2010

Dear all,

as mentioned before CNY, the Southern Ridge hike is postponed in view of CA1. However, Scout meeting will be held in School for this Sat, 20 Feb 2010. Refer to the programme attached.

Do note that the attire for tmr is Red Activity Tee with VS Shorts (for sec 2) and Black for Sec 3 & 4. PT Attire is Group White Roundneck. For Sec 1s - VS PE Attire.

Dismissal for sec 1 to 3 will be 1215pm. Sec 4s need to meet for Investiture meeting immediately after dismissal.

Sec 1s - Test will be on Scout Badges, Badge scheme, Uniform & Ceremonies.
Do study for the test. No one shall fail the test.


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