Friday, July 07, 2006

Sale of National Flag on 8 & 15 Jul 06

Dear all,

you are reminded to turn up for the sales of the National Flag on the 8 & 15 July. Meet outside Simei MRT Station @ 8.30am. Attendance is compulsory.

CIP hrs will only be awarded to those who attended both Sat Sales. The CIP will also be considered for Advanced Scout Standard Service component.

Attire : FULL Scout Uniform with BLACK shoes (exclude Beret)
Bring along your water bottle and a small haversack.

You are expected to be on your best behaviour for this event. There will be Adult RC members joining the patrols for the sale of the flags.

You will be dismissed from Changi-Simei CC after the sales @1.30pm.

Group Scout Leader

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