Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Scout Meeting on the 22 July (VS 130th Anniversary Celebrations)

Dear all,

There will be Scout Meeting this Sat, 22 July
Time : 9am to 11.30am

Attire : PT Attire (VS Shorts with Group Roundneck T-Shirt)

Only Lectures and Tests will be featured during the 2.5 hrs meeting.
Attendance is compulsory.

Your are advised to make appropriate arrangements if you are involved in the 130th Celebrations.

The Lectures and Tests are as follows

Scout Standard (sec 1s)
1. Set a map
2. Pack a first aid kit

1. Pitch a dome tent
2. Pack a first aid kit

Advancd Scout Standard (sec 2s)
Raise and Lower of flag

1. Re test for 3-2-1 flagpole
2. Raise & Lower a Flag

First Class - accordaing to GuangJie instruction from last Sat.

Group Scout Leader

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