Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Scouting Thoughts : How to Grow a Patrol Leader

How to Grow a Patrol Leader

First plant seven rows of P's:
Promptness, perserverance, preparation, participation, presence, purity, and performance.

Next, plant three rows of squash:
squash unfairness, squash criticism, squash indifference

Then plant seven rows of lettuce:

  1. Let us delegate responsibility
  2. Let us give assistance whenever necessary
  3. Let us recognize the importance of pooling ideas and encourage full and free ideas and encourage full and free discussion before decisions are made.
  4. Let us appreciate and respect the attitudes of other people
  5. Let us encourage cooperation
  6. Let us arrive in advance of scheduled meetings, with all materials needed
  7. Let *us* be prepared

No garden is complete without turnips:

  • Turn up for meetings
  • Turn up with enthusiasm
  • Turn up with new ideas
  • Turn up with a smile

The harvest is one teriffic Patrol Leader.

adapted from Scouting Thoughts by Beverly "Sarge" Benner

Group Scout Leader

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